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OnlyDrill’s mission is to supply high quality top hammer drilling machines and service to the quarry and construction industry.

Our vision is to manufacture the most user friendly, efficient and reliable drilling rigs suitable for all conditions. The drilling operations we perform ourselves, in the demanding environments, serve as real life product development.

We aim to produce machinery we appreciate, reliable, efficient and user friendly. Each detail is designed, developped and tested in real environment because drillers expect safe equipments that are easy to maintain and pleasant to use.

Our machines and equipment can be customized to meet specific needs.

More than 200 units of Stonepower crawler rigs have been successfully tested in extreme conditions around Scandinavia.

Surface crawler drill rigs operate very well on construction and quarry fields. Their tracking capacity, boom reach, remote control operation and stability ensure access to the farthest location point.

OnlyDrill manufactures drilling rigs for all kinds of purposes with a complete integration offer to adapt the machine onto a customized drilling equipment.


  • Quality, reliable and efficient products, with a fleet of machines in operation, designed and manufactured by Stonepower.
  • Innovative solutions to meet your needs and applications.
  • A dedicated service that will allow a serene use of equipment.

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