Stone Spider


Stone Spider crawler drill is an excellent solution for large excavation job site, bolting or stone quarries.
Stone Spider is the biggest of all the Stonepower crawler drills. Compact and robust, 14 000 Kg tons crawler drill on tracks and 350° turning superstructure is capable to drill in restricted environment.

Turning superstructure is a key factor to increase work efficiency. There is a considerable less need to move the crawler thanks to turnability of the superstructure and the large boom covering area. But when it is necessary to move, tracks, oscillation and a good stability make it safe and efficient.
It is also easy to move the crawler drill further to another construction site, because its transportation height is only 3,1 m.
Spider has 6-cylinder engine with 175 kw power. Cummins has successfully put a lot of effort in fulfilling the newest environmental standards.
Stone Spider has an automatic feed angle adjusting system and drilling depth control. The system maintains the feed alignment in dedicated angle and retract the drifters when the drilling depth has been reached.


Remote control increases visibility around and in the drilling spot. It also increases work safety, because no one needs to enter the danger zone.
Spider has HAWE hydraulics and logic as all the other Stonepower drilling rigs.
Spacious superstructure and many doors make service and maintenance easy.

Equipped with Montabert drifters HC95LQ (24Kw output power)

Versatile equipment, it is possible to replace the drifter with a rock splitter or to choose them both for a Drill & Split solution.

Suitable for urban environment thanks to noise shield protection, that can minimize the operating noise level. 


The Spider in action

Technical specifications

350° turnable superstructure
Articulated boom
±40° boom swing
1.3 m feed beam zoom
Rotator / Chain feeder turning system 360°
Inclination of feeding device
x = ±180°,  y = 125°
Max starter rod 4.9 m
Reach 5.7 m
Wall height 7.5 m
Bore depth 5.8 m
Working area ca 130 m2

Less driving thanks to a 350° turnable superstructure and boom’s large coverage
Montabert HC95LQ
Rock splitter (option)
Anti-jamming automation
Rod drill magazine for 6 drill rods
Cummins B6.7 EU Stage V engine, 175 kW
HAWE load sensitive axial piston pumps ensure adequate flow and pressure.

Automatic feed angle adjusting system
GPS/GNSS-based system (option) for localization and steering information  (Transtronic, Carlson)
Hydraulic front centralizer

Tracks and oscillation technology provide good traction in demanding surfaces.
Fits into small spaces – Height 2.6 m – Width 2.1 m
Remote control, HBC Radiomatic FSE727 radiobus or FSE510 and Spectrum 3
Firm lift rings provide safety for transports.
Transportation length 5.3 m
Min ground clearance 0.3 m
Weight 6100 kg

Tracks and oscillation technology provide good traction in demanding surfaces.
Remote control (HBC Radiomatic)
Firm lift rings provide safety for transports.
Transportation length 6.6 m
Min ground clearance 0.3 m
Weight 12 500 kg

Developed, manufactured and tested in Finnish climate conditions
Quality components:
– Engine : Cummins B6.7
– Compressor : Gardner Denver
– Pump : HAWE axial piston pump
– Rock drills : Montabert
– Rock splitter : Splitstone (option)
– Central lubrication system : SKF Multilube or Lincoln Webasto,
– Supplementary fuel-operated heater (option)
– Automatic anti-freeze system (option)
Reliability has been tested by using Stonepower equipment in northern climate for already over 10 years and by listening carefully professional operators’ feedback


Stonepower dust collector
Prefiltering system for dust collector
Water flushing system;  in tunnels and underground flushing must be used


Radio remote control by HBC Radiomatic, logic by HAWE
Stone dust collector technology
Winch secures the stability of the crawler drill
Cummins engines fulfill the environment norms
Quality Kappaflex hoses and Hawe hydraulic valves minimize risks of oil spill
Rotating superstructure declines the need for tramming and therefor declines the risk frequency related to tramming
Silencer for a drilling attachment (option)
Technical support and training directly from the manufacturer or distributors
Safety instructions


Hose lengths have been minimized by optimizing valve locations.
Maintenance friendly with easy access to each mechanical components
Manufacturer supports on spare parts supply, repair, service and other related technical issues
SKF Multilube central lubrication system

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